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1. Introduce the Qatari deaf abilities and skills to the society.

2. Develop the deaf members' minds and culture through variable matrix of purposeful programs and activities.

3. Provide programs and activities of social, cultural and entertaining nature to make use of the members free time, and to create an atmosphere of entertainment and joy and break the routine.

4. Create the spirit of competition, cooperation and group work, and grant them the full responsibility and self-management over their activities.

5. Strengthen the relations between all the centers and concerned authorities related to audio disability at the Gulf, Arab and international levels.

6. Building bridges of communications with the State's different institutions and authorities, and deepen the mutual cooperation in all aspects.

7. Support the family relationships among the deaf and work on merging them in the society.

8. Offer training courses of Sign Language for different sectors and different age groups in the society to distribute the deaf culture and facilitate communication among them.

9. Provide the necessary support for the members and help them overcome the obstacles and problems facing them within the available resources.

10. Grant deaf members benefits and facilities that contribute in lightening the life burdens as possible.

11. Represent the deaf in all conferences, seminars, meetings etc locally and at the Arab and international levels.

12. Take the deaf demands to the state's different authorities.

13. Work to approve the rights of deaf granted to them by the local laws and Arabic and international treaties and conventions.

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